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Proadifen (SKF-525A) is a non-selective inhibitor of cytochrome P450 enzymes, preventing some types of drug metabolism. It is also an inhibitor of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (NOS), CYP-dependent (cytochrome P450-dependent) arachidonate metabolism, transmembrane calcium influx, and platelet thromboxane synthesis.

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Spectrum Chemical manufactures and distributes fine chemicals with quality you can count on including those with CAS number 62-68-0, Whether you call it Proadifen Hydrochloride, 2-[Diethylamino]ethyl Ester Hydrochloride , alpha-Phenyl-alpha-propylbenzeneacetic Acid 2-[Diethylamino]ethyl Ester Hydrochloride or SKF-525A Hydrochloride you can be assured the Proadifen Hydrochloride products ...

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SKF-525A (62-68-0) is a commonly used non-selective Cytochrome P450 inhibitor. 1 It is also a local anesthetic 2 acting via blockage of the acetylcholine receptor 3 – it is a commonly used reagent to stabilize the desensitized state of muscle AChR 4.SKF-525A also inhibits glibenclamide-sensitive K + channels. 5. References/Citations

62-68-0 - Proadifen hydrochloride - SKF-525A hydrochloride .

Proadifen hydrochloride is an inhibitor of NOS1, AChR, cytochrome P-450, and KIR6. Proadifen hydrochloride bind to the protein moiety of P-450, also reduced the hypoxic response. of Proadifen hydrochloride have good antiarrhythmic effects. SKF-525A substantially reduced the depletion of cardiac norepinephrine.

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A widely used, nonspecific CYP450 inhibitor that potentiates the effects of many different different drugs by inhibiting their metabolism (IC50 values in the μM ...

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This nonselective P450 inhibitor (FWfree-base = 353.50 g/mol; CAS 302-33-0; 62-68-0 for the HCl salt), also known as SKF-525A, b-diethylaminoethyl 2,2-diphenylpropylacetate, and N,N-diethylaminoethyl 2,2- diphenylvalerate, blocks glibenclamide-sensitive K+ channels, including ATP-sensitive inward rectifier potassium channel 8 (KIR6.1).

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SKF 525A is a widely used, nonspecific cytochrome P (CYP)450 inhibitor that demonstrates 100% inhibition of the various CYP450 isoforms at 1-100 μM. 1 It therefore potentiates the effects of many different drugs by inhibiting their metabolism (IC 50 values in the μM range when tested using human liver microsomes). 2 SKF 525A inhibits CYP450 ...


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Proadifen hydrochloride. 62-68-0. Proadifen HCl. Propyladiphenin. SKF-525A hydrochloride. SKF 525A. Proadifen (hydrochloride) SK&F 525-A. RP 5171. SKF-525A. Proadifen hydrochloride [USAN] UNII-30624AA6X2. SKF 525-A. NSC 39690. U 5446. NSC 170997. SKF-525A, Hydrochloride. 5171 RP. 2-Diethylaminoethyl 2,2-diphenylvalerate hydrochloride


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5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)-induced coronary artery responses have both vasoconstriction and vasorelaxation components. The vasoconstrictive effects of 5-HT have been well studied while the mechanism(s) of how 5-HT causes relaxation of coronary arteries has been less investigated. In isolated rat hearts, 5-HT-induced coronary flow increases are partially resistant to the nitric oxide synthase ...

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SKF-525A, Hydrochloride - CAS 62-68-0 - Calbiochem Cell permeable. Blocks glibenclamide-sensitive K + channels. Inhibits neuronal nitric oxide synthase. Also inhibits hepatic drug metabolism by inhibiting the cytochrome P450 system. Synonym: Proadifen, Proadifen CAS Number 62-68-0. Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C 23 H 31 NO 2 · xHCl